This duo from Minas Gerais presents a work of subtlety and beauty which is in constant evolution, with 20 albums (3 doubles) and 2 DVDs released live on stage in Brazil and overseas. 

They incorporate with lightness and originality, many diverse musical genres, from Brazilian beats to Indian kirtans, honoring and universalizing through their talent, the sounds of Minas Gerais and Brazil. 

Recently, in 2022, Renato Motha and Patricia Lobato released CAEIRO, on the work of the poet Fernando Pessoa. In 2021, Renato Motha and Patricia Lobato with Mauricio Tizumba released Terreiro Zen. In 2020, the duet released Orquestra de Mantras (live in Inhotim). In 2019, released "Amrit". In 2017, the double album "Dois em Pessoa - Vol. II", released by the couple, was among the best of Brazilian music in Japan. 

In his trajectory, Motha has been awarded nationally in the categories of revelation, composer, and singer (VISA Prize 2000 and 2002, Festival TV Cultura 2005) and had his latest solo album, "Menino de Barro", top of the list for best of the year 2014 - G1 Music. The musician has performed next to names such as Ivan Lins, João Bosco, Guinga, César Camargo Mariano, to mention a few. Among his compositions, 'Menina da Lua' stands out, having been recorded by Maria Rita on her debut album. 

Renato and Patricia also received in 2010, from the Japanese Magazine, Latina, the Best Brazilian Album Award, for the CD "In Mantra", recorded live at Komyoji Temple in Kamakura - Japan.